Alfonso Delgadillo: The Painter Un-Painter


by Ariadne Kofler

Fate has made me an art-expectant. As I met Alfonso Delgadillo some years ago, I felt the internal growth of the deep-rooted curiosity known to those prone to be drawn by art. Until then I had just been an onlooker who saw art hanging on the walls; I then became into someone fortunate enough to witness the creative and evolutionary processes of an artist. All the while, Alfonso’s hand started to evolve from being the hand of an artist who searches to that of one who finds.

With his innate drawing skill, an earlier Alfonso danced through lines and forms; whereas today, captivated by color and knowledge, he detaches from everything, imploding, uncovering himself as a raven alighting on the snow-clad horizon.

I dedicated myself to observation and inquiry, where the question was Alfonso-the artist; and, as time has been time, the gestation of Alfonso-the child emerged before my eyes. His spiral-vibrating essence has unveiled him as he has always been.

His intrinsic curiousness provoked a multifaceted unfolding, taking him to an external interiority. It is as if he peeled his skin off, unraveling mimetically his pictorial figures, thus showing them in their most natural purity, satisfying the need to decipher what the being is made of.